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Do you want to lose
body fat & feel
comfortable & confident
in your own skin?

Good! Grab a copy of my
5 action steps to start your
weight loss journey.

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"This is the first program I have ever done where I did not feel deprived, starved and lethargic. I've learned so much about how to prepare and cook healthy meals, prioritize sleep, and workout efficiently and effectively."
-Maria, 15 lb weight loss.

Our mission is to guide, support and educate ladies who want to transform their lives to feel comfortable and confident in their own skin through movement, nutrition and mindfulness.


What we specialize in


Establish Eating Habits

Adopt a Healthy Lifestyle

Attain Health & Fitness Goals

Personalized Workout Plan


Hey, I'm Chelsea, since I became Miss Hawaii USA in 2016, I’ve become passionate about helping ladies get their dream body and create a healthy, fit lifestyle that lasts a lifetime.

My own transformation while running for Miss Hawaii USA and then Miss USA drastically altered my life. From my perception of nutrition & fitness, adopting healthy habits that suit me and mentally being in a much better mindset about my body, I knew that I had to help other ladies achieve their own transformation.

That is how the Miss Fit Transformation program was born, and since the start, my team and I have been able to guide, support and educate ladies to feel comfortable and confident in their own skin through a holistic healthy lifestyle.


Who we help

No matter your age or fitness level, all of our programs focus on



Lifestyle change

Increased confidence 

Increased energy                            

Building real nutritional skills

Creating Structure

Identifying & hitting your goals

Hormone balancing

Positive mindset shifts 

Staying in Shape

Busy Moms

Drinking Green Juice

Lifestyle Ladies

IMG_0809 2.JPG

Pageant Queens


Meet the Miss Fit Coaches

From backgrounds in holistic health, women’s health, wellness & lifestyle management, to sports nutrition and behavioral change, we are here to support you on your journey towards a healthy lifestyle.

untitled2021_10_ChelseaFitnessShoot-99 2

Miranda B

Wellness Coach

Lifestyle management coach

Yoga teacher

Certified Personal Trainer 


Specializing in a holistic approach to well being


Chelsea V

Certified Personal Trainer

Fitness Nutrition coach

Behavior change specialist


Former Miss Hawaii USA 2016

Miss USA 1st Runner Up

Division I Volleyball Player 

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