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As a certified personal trainer and fitness nutritionist, my passion is to guide our clients towards a healthier lifestyle. You are unique, with your own strengths and limitations. That's why I created the Miss Fit Program to be a 1:1 custom transformation plan that is based on your health, schedule and fitness goals.


As someone who has experience getting a stage ready body at the highest level, maintaining a fit body for my modeling career, and now staying healthy and fit for my pregnancy. I have personally hand picked the best coaches and team who will help you through your own journey so you can see results and have lasting change.

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My Story

Since I became Miss Hawaii USA in 2016, I’ve become passionate about helping ladies get their dream body and create a healthy, fit lifestyle that lasts a lifetime. 


It started while I was a waitress at a restaurant and a lady asked me: “Have you ever thought of running for Miss Hawaii USA?”

I squirmed. At first, it was a big fat "no thank you!" I was so embarrassed about my body that there was no way anyone would catch me on stage in a bikini…


But here’s the crazy part, this lady spent MONTHS convincing me.

​And because my life wasn’t about volleyball anymore, I took her up on running for Miss Hawaii USA. 


It was time for a new challenge.

But, I was overweight and a lotta out of shape after traveling for an entire year. I thought my body would transform by just following volleyball-styled workouts.


After 8 weeks of this, I caught myself in the mirror - only to look exactly the same.  While I was training my body, I was missing the nutrition and mindset aspect of it. 

But even then, doing volleyball-styled workouts wasn’t built for getting that toned, lean, sexy body most of us ladies desire. 

     So, I spent 8 WEEKS training every single day…


Just to get bulkier! No defined abs, no firm butt, no results at all… I badly wanted to get fit…

But I was so frustrated after months of no results that I almost gave up... I even tried crash dieting (depriving myself of carbs) for a couple of days straight…only to end up eating half a pan of brownies one night when I was home alone. 

And to make things worse, I was months away from the competition…I was hitting a brick wall.


So, you’re probably wondering by now…“Chelsea, then how did you transform your body?“









It all changed when I realized that fitness is only ONE of the 3 fundamental pillars to truly transform your body!


You see, when I was just working out, I wasn’t getting results because I wasn’t taking care of my nutrition and my mindset!


So I only got one third of the results that I wanted.


And if you don’t have these 3 fundamental pillars to transforming your body, then you’re getting one third of the results that you could be getting!


That’s why in each of our programs we use the 3-in-1 Miss Fit Transformation System at its core- combining Fitness, Nutrition, and Mindset to transform your body. 

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