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Spilling Sand
Spilling Sand


Over the years we have helped ladies lose over 1800+ lbs and counting! We help ladies through all season of life, from those who are ready to jump on the big stage to mommas who are ready to reclaim their health and everyone in between! We are here to be with you on your journey to finding balance, harmony, weight loss and a new healthy fit lifestyle.

No matter your age or fitness level, all of our programs focus on

Balance                                                                          Harmony

Lifestyle change                                                            Increased confidence

Reclaiming health                                                         Increased energy 

Healthy relationship with food                                    Structure & support

Hormone balancing                                                     Life long change

Identifying & hitting your goals                                  Positive mindset shifts

Staying in Shape

Busy Moms

Drinking Green Juice

Lifestyle Ladies

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Pageant Queens

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