How to feel comfortable in your skin again
by losing that stubborn fat once and for all
without doing hours of cardio & giving up your favorite foods
in just 12 weeks.

Chelsea here!


And you might know me as Miss Hawaii USA 2016.


While I still love pageantry, my passion is helping young ladies get their dream body and create a healthy, fit lifestyle that lasts a lifetime.


It started while I was waitressing at a restaurant and a lady asked me: “Have you ever thought of running for Miss Hawaii USA?”

I squirmed. At first, it was a big fat "no thank you!" I was so embarrassed about my body that there was no way anyone would catch me on stage in a bikini…

But here’s the crazy part... I ended up saying YES lets do it!

It was time for a new challenge.


But, I was overweight and a lotta out of shape after traveling for an entire year.

I thought my body would transform by just following the workouts that I learned while playing volleyball in college and just putting all my focus on the gym.

After 8 weeks of this, I caught myself in the mirror - only to look exactly the same... if not even bulkier! 

While I was training my body, I was missing the nutrition and mindfulness aspect of it all

But even then, doing volleyball-styled workouts wasn’t built for getting that toned, lean, sexy body most of us ladies desire. 

I badly wanted to lose my college fat and feel confident again. I was so frustrated after months of no results that I almost gave up...





I even tried the good old crash dieting (depriving myself of carbs mainly and eating such little food that I had no energy to do anything else…

That only lasted for a couple of weeks until I ended up eating half a pan of brownies one night when I was home alone and falling off the deep end! 

And to make things worse, I was months away from the competition…I was hitting a brick wall.

At this point my mindset was at an all time self defeating high.

I felt like I was going through this journey alone, wasting my time, putting in all of this energy and effort to see no results.

I was one dirty towel away from throwing it all in and just “accepting that this is how my body was going to be…” 

So, you’re probably wondering by now…“Chelsea, then how did you transform your body?” 

It all changed when I realized that fitness is only ONE of the 3 fundamental pillars to truly transform your body!

You see, when I was just working out, I wasn’t getting results because I was solely focused on what I was doing in the gym only and totally neglecting what I was eating and how I was talking to myself!

So I only got one third of the results that I wanted.

And if you don’t have these 3 fundamental pillars (movement + nutrition + mindset) to transforming your body... even if that transformation is just 5 lbs away... then you might be getting one third of the results as well!

The Miss Fit

No Cardio- Fat Loss Program


This once a year 12 week program is designed to help you lose body fat and regain that confidence back! All this with no cardio! Yep you heard me!

We will focus on nutrition, movement and mindfulness with personal weekly check in accountability calls so you can learn what it actually takes to keep the fat off once and for all!

That’s why in this program we will use the 3-in-1 Miss Fit Transformation System at its core- combining movement, nutrition, and mindfulness to transform your body, your life and to finally feel comfortable in your skin again!

Imagine feeling so confident.

Imagine having to never miss a moment with your kids because you have all the energy to keep up with them.

Imagine knowing that you are doing exactly what your body needs to let go and make lasting change.

Imagine finally...


●      Having higher energy at work and to play with your kids at the park.

●      Having leaner, toner legs

●      Getting rid of that “tummy pouch”

●      Getting your CONFIDENCE back!

●      Stop dreading how you look in the mirror and in pictures

●      Getting uninterrupted sleep and wake up feeling rejuvenated!

●      Creating a positive attitude towards yourself and life

●      Learning how to meal prep like a boss and take out all the guesswork of healthy eating.

●      Learn to not overindulge in cravings.

●      Turn healthy eating and exercise into a lifestyle

●      Influence your friends and family to start their health journey.

●      And feel sexy around your significant other

We created the guidance, support and education you need where you get

A customized 12 week workout plan

Customized nutrition plan, recipes, personalized macronutrient target

12 weeks of calls and messaging for support, guidance and accountability

Fill out intake form to get started!



If you take that step and take action (to changing your life you will receive not 1 but 2 bonuses (you’ll only get this if you sign up before Wednesday at midnight EDT!)


A 4 day Hormone Detox cleanse

-to reset your gut & hormones. This limited offer is a 4 day nutrition plan on what to eat and when in order to fully detox and reset! Everyone’s gut (and therefore our hormones, mood and energy) can use a reset to start from a clean and healthy slate.


A never before offered

fridge and pantry makeover session!
- you get a one hour Facetime session with myself (Chelsea) where we will take a deep dive into your fridge and pantry, clear out any junk, get rid of temptations and restock with healthy options (that the kids will love too!)

3-in-1 Transformation System we will use in
the No cardio- fat loss program

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How long does it take to see results?


Everyone is different depending on how much fat you have to lose to begin with and how well you are actually following what we are suggesting, but you can expect to see the scale change within the first week, woohoo!

What if it doesn’t work for me?


If you feel like its not working, then stress not... we will re strategize! There is no one size fits all, that is why you have access to three amazing coaching who will make sure you find what works for you! That might look like taking a deeper dive into food intolerances, allergies and lifestyle choices.


I’ve seen similar stuff in the past—what makes this different?


Besides the fact that we wont make you do ANY cardio (unless you want of course), we focus equally on movement, nutrition AND mindset to maximize your results. A lot of what holds us back from seeing real change starts within our own minds, so by giving your mindset/ thoughts the attention and focus it needs, this is keep your motivated and more disciplined then ever before,. This program is to help you lose fat and keep it off! With our approach to the movement & nutrition side of things, you will have an emphasis on whole foods, but you don't need to give up your favorite foods what so ever! 


I really want to make a change, but I'm already so busy, how am I going to add in time to workout and eat better?

This is the perfect time to START! Why wait until you feel like you’ll have more time when we know that will never come, we will always be busy! This is why this program works, because we MAKE it work for you. Only have time to dedicate 3 days a week for a workout? No problem! Feel like there’s no time in the day to focus on you? That’s why we have our mindset and lifestyle coach, to help you make small, but significant lifestyle changes that will give you more energy to help your days be even more effective.


We get the hustle and that you might be busy with work, relationships, school, family, sometimes all of the above! What might happen if your health starts to take a decline and you get miserably sick because you're working and under sleeping? EVERYONE SUFFERS RIGHT? Most importantly those who need you the most? Now you’re busy trying to get better while feeling horrible and the tasks start to pile up.


This is why you should be focusing on your health and wellness now! Not when it’s too late. When you’re stuck with having to take medicine because you kept putting off your health, when you have to say no to playing with your kids because you don't have the energy, when you’re forced to keep dealing with the headaches and brain fog because you haven't slept as much as you know you should. The best time to start taking care of you is now before it’s too late.

I want to do this but am nervous about the investment. Can I afford this?


Can you afford not to? 


How long are you going to keep trying random workout videos online that end up just wasting your time? How long are you going to keep staying frustrated for until you finally give up?


What are you losing by constantly pushing to the side YOUR health? Is it going to cost you time with your kids? Time spent outdoors or in your happy place? Why are you going to let yourself continue to feel sub-par because you’re scared of spending a little money on yourself? 


If finances are a concern to you at the moment, think about investing in yourself more like buying “insurance” that will help you in the long run, and not buying a new tv that is useless most of the time. You are helping yourself NOW so you don't have to speed money on lifelong medication down the road, so you dont have to miss opportunities with your loved ones because you don't have the energy. You are doing yourself a favor by taking action now. 

I’m not sure if any of the No cardio-Fat Loss program works for me, who exactly is the program for?

●     If you’re ready to start feeling good and confident again

●     If you’re ready to shed the pounds, tone up, and get your dream body..

●     If you’re ready to have more energy..

●     If you want to take control over your hormones that might be the reason foremotional eating and cravings..

●     If you’re ready to fit back into your sexy jeans..

●     If you’re ready to feel confident in your own skin whether you’re wearing a swimsuit or not..


Then this is for you!


If you are ready to

●     Get leaner, toner legs

●     Get rid of that “tummy pouch”

●     Get a tighter, firmer booty

●     Get your CONFIDENCE back!

●     Stop dreading how you look in the mirror and in pictures

●     Get uninterrupted sleep and wake up feeling rejuvenated!

●     Create a positive attitude towards yourself and life

●     Learn how to meal prep like a boss and take out all the guesswork of healthy eating.

●     Learn to not overindulge in cravings.

●     Turn healthy eating and exercise into a lifestyle

●     Influence your friends and family to start their health journey.

●     And feel sexy around your significant other


The once a year No cardio- Fat loss Programs includes:

  • A customized 12 week workout plan according to the time you have to dedicate- remember, NO CARDIO HERE!

  • Customized nutrition game plan including hundred of simple, delicious recipes!

  • 12 Weekly calls for support, guidance, and accountability

  • A 3 month online course where you’ll learn how to set yourself up for success, how to reach your goals, and change your inner dialogue to LOVE YOURSELF